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Drupal development

At XWeb, standards compliance, usability and speed matter most. All XWeb's designs utilise these key features:

  • Great aesthetics
  • Design consistency
  • Standards compliance
  • Proven layout options
  • SEO optimised content order
  • Accessibility, for visitors with disabilities
  • Multilingual support


Studies have shown that 60% of corporate websites fail miserably when it comes to usability with visitors giving up and leaving, losing potential sales as people can't find the information they are looking for.

XWeb's designs incorporate many years of usability engineering, applying proven techniques to provide a successful user experience. We insist that clients test usability at proposal stage and take an active roll in auditing visitor experience elements.

Website efficiency

The success of your website will depend mostly on your message, but even if you content is brilliant, it will fail miserably if visitors wait too long for pages to load. XWeb's designs factor in that many visitors don't have the luxury of broadband so every page should be designed for maximum efficiency with minimum page load times.

The added bonus of websites designed for efficiency is that they use less server resources so you get more bang for your buck with hosting services.

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Secure cloud hosting

XWeb are specialists in service continuity and provide a complete, reliable and secure enterprise hosting environment specifically configured for Drupal; essential for websites exposed to the growing number of internet based threats.

We build, host and manage secure and affordable web applications using some of the most advanced and reliable technologies available and can tailor a solution for mission critical areas.

Take advantage of encryption systems for securing electronic transactions such as credit cards via third-party payment gateways and other sensitive data.

For clients with the most stringent security requirements we provide the option of a dedicated, managed server.

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E-mail services

Email is a critical business application. Give your business a professional edge, with your own address, ie.

Your email is accessible with any email application, our Web Mail services or forwarded to a nominated, existing email address and optionally protected by Spam Assassin to assist in filtering out and discarding unwanted and unsolicited emails.

With our advanced and premium hosting you can create email addresses for each of your staff members and/or departments.

E-mail forwarding

Email forwarding consists of the redirection email messages destined for one email address on to one or more other email address. This useful feature is great for roles like where more than one person in your organisation should receive the emails.

E-mail marketing

XWeb offer managed e-mail marketing or newsletter services which enable you to create and send professional campaigns, build recipient lists and send bulk emails to subscribers. read more

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